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Dr. Denise Rollins is the founder of the Whole Heart Center but more than that Denise is a Survivor.  For Denise, life was shattered in 1995, when a drunk driver killed her mother. Denise was devastated and felt she’d “died” in that accident. While feeling sorry for herself, Denise heard her mother’s voice telling her to stop being a victim. That ‘s when she changed her perspective and her approach. Despite later enduring the sudden losses of her son, aunt, and husband, Denise is no longer death’s victim. Instead, she is a Survivor who honors her loved ones by helping others to heal.


Birthed from her pain, Denise discovered her purpose to help people heal from the struggles that have created holes in their hearts. Her desire is to assist others in living wholeheartedly. To achieve this, the Whole Heart team uses our WholeHearte'D Communication and Self-Coaching Models to aid individuals and organizations in maximizing their success.Learn more here.

"Denise is a survivor who honors her loved ones by helping others heal."

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in unapologetically educating, encouraging and elevating Black and Brown women and girls and all who support them. Through transformative experiences and exposure, we help them maximize their potential and impact. This underlying purpose means that as people purchase our products and engage our services related to Whole Hearted Grief & Whole Hearted Life, our investment in the women and girls value, identity and purpose will further strengthen our entire community.


Life & Loss

We create, offer and facilitate programs that uplift and empower people, while increasing their awareness and sensitivity to those who have traditionally been marginalized.


We are a voice to those whose voices haven’t always been heard and whose presence hasn’t always been valued. We’ll use our power to empower others and use our skills to help leaders become more responsive to diversity, equity and inclusion.


We raise funds to offer one-on-one coaching, small group discussions and workshops for those who can benefit from embracing their value, identity and purpose.

Our Strategy

Our Communication Model