our Services

Our services range from one-on-one coaching sessions to group facilitations. Sessions are intimate, impactful, and insightful. Our self-care professionals connect with the heart and soul of each person using proven practices and strategies. Explore the various ways we can support your healing journey. 


Find a partner to walk alongside you on life's journey. Coaching further personalizes this approach by working one-on-one with leaders who need meaningful feedback in order to make tough and substantive decisions for the organization. It creates safe space to be vulnerable and productive in doing the hard work of DEI.



Small group

Use the power of small groups to grow with

those you know. Specifically, we excel at preparing participants to do very delicate and powerful work.



Learn from in-depth sessions that empower, engage, and educate. Workshops are individual sessions or series lasting from 90 minutes to several days. They’re offered to the public or created just for your group. 


Facilitation certification

Join our Founder to discover a new way to train and lead others. Certifications teach you how to master our WholeHearted Coaching Models 

so that many more people can heal.



Teaching companies fresh methods to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. This involves working with organizations to assess  organizational

policies and practices, create strategies that achieve results, complete focus groups and surveys to gain useful information, and effectively implement DEI policies, practices and procedures.

Are you ready to share your heart with us?