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We are leaders, legacy-builders, learners, and lovers of people. We are a diverse group of individuals with a heart for serving diverse communities, especially women of color.  

Whole Heart coaches, facilitators and consultants use our models, Self-Coaching (CPR), Communication (ICU) & Circle of Support (ROC), to help people learn, grow and heal both individually and collectively.

Our Hands


Denise RollinS, PH.D.

Founder, Executive Director, and Master L.I.F.E. Coach

Dr. Denise Rollins, began her work as a result of her personal experience with tragedy and her professional experience with self-development. She experienced the sudden and tragic deaths of four family members her mother, son, aunt, and husband. Also, losses related to her relationships, career, dreams, security, and more. Her education includes a master's degree in Thanatology (the psychological study of grief and death), a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy with her dissertation was on the bereavement of African American women.

In addition, she spent over 20 years working for a Fortune 500 company in leadership roles in Consulting, Human Resources, Employee Development, Diversity & Mentoring, and Sales, which allowed her to master facilitation, communication, creativity, relationship building, conflict management, and problem-solving skills. With this skill set she founded the Whole Heart Center and assembled a team of dynamic coaches, consultants, and coordinators who are changing the world via independent endeavors and their work with Whole Heart.  

Pherin Headshot.jpg

L.I.F.E. Facilitator & VIP Program Coordinator

Blessed with the unique ability to excel at managing important details while aligning it with the overall vision.  As such, she's often the first person anyone reaches within the organization, ensuring that each client gets superior customer service that's provided with empathy, accuracy and grace. Yet she is also a facilitator who connects with participants in ways that are authentic and meaningful.

Pherin is passionate about helping parents who, like her, are working hard to increase their opportunities, raise their children and make a difference in the world. She is an effective listener, cheerleader and accountability partner who is committed to living wholeheartedly every day!

Saundras Headshot_edited.jpg

Master L.I.F.E. Coach

Saundra Boujai is an LCSW-C who retired after many years as a leader in public service. There, she was extremely effective in developing and supporting the people she managed. In connecting with the community, she helped them with self-sufficiency, self-esteem and self-determination.


Saundra is an intuitive coach, facilitator, mother, wife, and friend who is extremely driven to provide hope to those around her and who helps all of us to take the “S off our chest” so we can breathe and live. 

AJay Headshot.jpg

Master L.I.F.E. Coach

As a call center manager who is very experienced in helping people deliver superior customer service in a high pressure, high volume environment that shaped his leadership style. He is well known for his straight talk and sensitivity in connecting with the “whole person” in all settings.


Anthony’s life includes roles as a single father to the daughter of his deceased sister and a long-term role as caretaker for his mother prior to her passing, he is an empathetic speaker and great listener whose ministry includes helping people find their identity.​

Melissa Headshot.jpg

L.I.F.E. Connector and Facilitator

Born in Brooklyn New York and raised in a small suburb close to Pittsburgh, PA. she understands the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, she was introduced to the concept of life coaching over a decade ago and has been working with Dr. Denise and the Whole Heart team since 2015.



She is currently a facilitator, yet also functions as a connector of people in need of the services that we offer.  As the mother of two daughters, she is extremely blessed to be called "Nana" by seven grandchildren, a role that adds to the power of her coaching and facilitation.

Doug Headshot.jpg

L.I.F.E. Facilitator

Dr. Doug White is an exceptional leader, facilitator and researcher who grew up in Nebraska, Florida, Delaware and Virginia as a result of his father being in the Air Force. He received his B.S. in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Longwood College, M.S. in Biology from Hampton University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Howard University.



Dr. Doug's key attributes are apparent in his ability to empathize, develop, adapt, connect and exude a high level of positivity in his interaction with others.  These strengths have been demonstrated in his professional life and a variety of community roles: ministry leader, community volunteer, speaker, professor, and facilitator.  Dr. White has a heart for people and encouraging them to walk in their God given gifts.

Shirlene Headshot.jpg

Shirlene Roberts

L.I.F.E. Consultant and Facilitator

As the former associate director of meetings and events for a non-profit organization serving disabled veterans. Prior to retirement she gained considerable knowledge in event planning and travelled extensively. It was there that she met and then married the love of her life, her husband Roger. Since his passing, she has increased her focus on using her skills, talents and experiences to bring light, life and love to the world.


Whether it’s through kind words, well-planned events or insightful messages, her heart is set on helping others to become free and whole.  In doing so, she uses spirituality to connect participants with their intended power and purpose.

Karl Headshot.jpg


L.I.F.E. Facilitator

As a Frederick, Md., native born into a broken situation, Karl now uses to help color his way through life. His motto that he firmly believes in is that “broken crayons still color” you just have to be willing to peel back the paper. He currently holds a position for a thriving nonprofit organization that helps meet the needs of families small and large.


While he is the youngest of 5; he is looked to as the leader. He ensures no one is left behind. He keeps the pack tight, focused and on the same mission. Karl has a passion for helping unlock the hidden treasures that one holds within. He edifies, exhorts, brings comfort and he helps you lay a new foundation for you to build on. 

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